Sunday, June 7, 2009

Typical Brothers

Stephen (left) and Andrew (right) on a typical Saturday morning getting ready to fix breakfast! They get along so well. Stephen is 16 and Andrew is 12, and they both still play together as they have since Andrew was born. Andrew's always looking out for his big brother, helping him figure things out, helping him learn new things. They are so good for each other. If I only have one regret, is that I didn't have one more typical child to help out in later years with Stephen. It's going to be a big job for Andrew once we are gone. Once, when Andrew was four years old, I was driving him over to my sister's house and he made the announcement "When you and dad are gone, I will take care of Stephen." I about wrecked the car. Who would think a FOUR YEAR OLD would be thinking of such a thing? We never wanted him to feel that he had to, we've never told him that he had to take care of Stephen when we're gone. I guess he just wants to, without even being asked. Is he an awesome child or what? I love them both so much, more than my own life.


  1. Ahh, sibling love is so grand. They are handsome together.

  2. Hi. Found your site through my google reader. I have a 20-month old son with Down syndrome, my first and only so far. The bond between your sons is so neat. I hope that Matthew will be blessed with that same bond when he has a sibling.
    my blog: Bill and Ria


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