Sunday, June 7, 2009

Therapies and Treatment for Children with Special Needs

When Stephen was born in July, 1992, the Director of a very special school came to visit us at the hospital after she received a call from my doctor. Her name was Lee Ann Britain. She came to the hospital and visited with us and told us of a wonderful program and school, the Infant Development Center at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. It was a school that provided therapies and schooling for children from birth through kindergarten. There was a waiting list to be at the school. My doctor's children had been peer models when they were little, so he had first hand experience and he REALLY pushed us into getting Stephen enrolled. We toured the school and was very impressed. We got a call when Stephen was 7 months old that he would be able to start at the school. An opening was created when another child had to have heart surgery, and would not be able to attend the school for a while. He attended IDC until he started kindergarten in 1997. His last day at IDC was full of tears. I cried, my husband cried, the teachers cried. We had become family. I still go over and visit and look at how they have improved the school. If you should ever have the chance to go there, I would encourage it. Lee Ann has since passed on many years ago and the school now is on its second director since Lee Ann died, but the care for our children is still the same. Wonderful and dedicated teachers and volunteers make this school what it is today!

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