Saturday, July 25, 2009

Traveling Titanic Exhibit

This past Thursday night, we visited the Traveling Titanic Exhibit at The Legends Shopping Center in Kansas City, Kansas. It was free and it contained approximately 50 artifacts from the sunken vessel. I've visited the museum in Branson twice, and am in awe everytime I visit. My youngest son LOVES the Titanic. He watches the movie everytime it's on tv and he really enjoyed our visit to the museum two years ago. Here's a pic of the trailers the exhibit is touring in.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Visiting Grandpa

Here's a picture of Stephen visiting Grandpa at the hospital! Grandpa has double pneumonia (both lungs)...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Need Help with Financial Planning and Special Needs Trusts?

If you are in the Kansas City are, or Las Vegas area, you are in luck. There is a wonderful organization called Special Needs Planning Center. Here's an excerpt from their website They recently put on a seminar at my son's former school, the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center located at the Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

Special Needs Planning Center Blog To Distribute Information to Parents

Over the last five years The Special Needs Planning Center has been providing nearly 60 free educational workshops per year for parents of children with special needs. The goal has been to educate parents on the different issues that affect their children with special needs from their first IEP to planning for their care after the parents are gone.

In an effort to add to this and to allow The Center to provide more widespread education we are creating a new Special Needs Planning Center Blog. The new blog will be updated on two Monday's each month and provide parents access to updated regulations, planning tips and other valuable resources.

We'd also like to extend the invitation to parents and other providers to contribute. If you have topics you'd like to post and information you believe other parents will benefit from please submit the information via email to Heath at

You can visit the blog and check for updates at
Please contact us anytime with ideas, tips and resources we can provide to other parents.
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