Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fourth of July Celebration

Every year, the City of Basehor has an old-fashioned Fourth of July Celebration, complete with parade. Please join us if you don't have anything else planned!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Prayer Warriors

I'm a prayer warrior, and I'm so excited about it! What is a prayer warrior? It is someone that signs up with, who wants to say prayers for adoptive children awaiting homes with their forever families. This is something easy to do when you cannot adopt a child, but want to help out in some way! All you do is sign up and you are matched with a child, and they send you information in the mail, along with a picture of your child. My child happens to be in Eastern Europe, and she has the same name as my deceased mother, Claudia! When I found out the child's name was Claudia, I knew that I was doing this for God's glory! There are no coincidences where God is concerned! Everything happens for a reason. So please join me in saying prayers for this little girl, so she can find her forever home.

Claudia (30)

Girl Born March 5, 2004


Claudia is a beautiful little girl with long brown hair and brown eyes. She wasn't real keen on saying "cheese" in her photo, but she is well loved and a happy girl. She was born with an oval window, but it may have closed on it's own. Claudia is very active and playful, high functioning, has many words, and is doing very well.

We are hopeful a family will come forward for Miss Claudia!

Contact Andrea directly for more information

I have $50 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Band of Angels

The following is a site that sells Calendars, t-shirts, jewelry, all benefit children with Special Needs. The calendars highlight children with Down Syndrome. I've bought several things from this company over the years and have never been disappointed. It is wonderful!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

If you have a child or know of one with Down Syndrome in the Kansas City area, please check out the following organization:
We've been a member since 1992, when our oldest son was born. Back in those days, we used to meet at a daycare at 17th & Broadway, Cradles & Crayons. DSG has really come a long way since then! They work closely with the Kansas City Chiefs in a program called First Downs For Down Syndrome and the Chiefs also sponsor the local Buddy Walk, held every year.

Therapies and Treatment for Children with Special Needs

When Stephen was born in July, 1992, the Director of a very special school came to visit us at the hospital after she received a call from my doctor. Her name was Lee Ann Britain. She came to the hospital and visited with us and told us of a wonderful program and school, the Infant Development Center at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. It was a school that provided therapies and schooling for children from birth through kindergarten. There was a waiting list to be at the school. My doctor's children had been peer models when they were little, so he had first hand experience and he REALLY pushed us into getting Stephen enrolled. We toured the school and was very impressed. We got a call when Stephen was 7 months old that he would be able to start at the school. An opening was created when another child had to have heart surgery, and would not be able to attend the school for a while. He attended IDC until he started kindergarten in 1997. His last day at IDC was full of tears. I cried, my husband cried, the teachers cried. We had become family. I still go over and visit and look at how they have improved the school. If you should ever have the chance to go there, I would encourage it. Lee Ann has since passed on many years ago and the school now is on its second director since Lee Ann died, but the care for our children is still the same. Wonderful and dedicated teachers and volunteers make this school what it is today!

Typical Brothers

Stephen (left) and Andrew (right) on a typical Saturday morning getting ready to fix breakfast! They get along so well. Stephen is 16 and Andrew is 12, and they both still play together as they have since Andrew was born. Andrew's always looking out for his big brother, helping him figure things out, helping him learn new things. They are so good for each other. If I only have one regret, is that I didn't have one more typical child to help out in later years with Stephen. It's going to be a big job for Andrew once we are gone. Once, when Andrew was four years old, I was driving him over to my sister's house and he made the announcement "When you and dad are gone, I will take care of Stephen." I about wrecked the car. Who would think a FOUR YEAR OLD would be thinking of such a thing? We never wanted him to feel that he had to, we've never told him that he had to take care of Stephen when we're gone. I guess he just wants to, without even being asked. Is he an awesome child or what? I love them both so much, more than my own life.

Do People Really Adopt Children with Down Syndrome?

YES, they do! There are even waiting lists in some areas, isn't that great!

There is an organization that specializes in adoptions of children with special needs! I've heard that in some areas, there is a waiting list! Isn't that wonderful? There are people out there who will get to experience the love and joy that a child with Down Syndrome can bring!

Here is a link to their site:

If you know of someone wanting to adopt a child, encourage them to adopt one with special needs, they won't be sorry they did!
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