Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Great Christmas

This is Stephen modeling one of his shirts and set of wristbands he got for Christmas.  This was by far his most favorite shirt.  He's been asking for this shirt for months...  Everytime I was on the computer, he would come over and asked to look at it online.  Both him and his brother had a wonderful Christmas this year.  We were alot better mentally as a family this year, last year we didn't know if my husband would have a job one week after Christmas, but this has been a year of overtime as he works for General Motors and has been one of the lucky ones.

We have been blessed this past year.  Their grandpa has had multiple hospitalizations, including two times for pneumonia and once for pacemaker surgery on October 19, 2009.   We celebrated my sister's birthday in the waiting room while they were operating on dad.  That's a birthday she'll never forget!  Grandpa had a stint in rehab so he could strenghten his walking skills after his last hospitalization.  Now he is back home with us, back to being mobile the way he was before the surgery, which helps us out tremendously.  If he couldn't get around on his own, he wouldn't be able to keep living with us.  Thank God for those precious miracles!

Have a blessed and wonderful 2010!


  1. Great to see Stephen's T-shirt.

    I'm sure he must have been anticipating it all year.

    Great to see Grandpa rehabilitating too.

  2. Yes, Stephen has been wanting that shirt for a long time and I'm glad Grandpa is still alive. His life was in the balance, his heart was only beating 27-30 beats a minute, and the doctors told us it could not sustain life at that rate and we really had no other choice than a pacemaker if we didn't want to put him on a ventilator - he would never get off the ventilator alive, so we are glad we went through with the surgery!


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