Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scary Drive trying to stay ahead of a Tornado

We visited dad in Topeka at the VA Hospital. Driving home, we just got on I-70, and the sirens were going off. What do we do now? We have no idea where to go, there is nothing around... So we stayed on the highway, driving in horrible rain. We drove to the LeCompton exit, and the toll booth was empty - we got a free trip back to KC, didn't have to pay toll! We went south towards Lawrence, since the radio told us rotation was right over us. We went south, but saw this cloud, so we turned east to stay ahead of it... We went through Lawrence, Eudora, Olathe, then turned north and headed home, right towards the storm. A block from home, it started hailing on us and we pulled into the garage. Six years earlier, a tornado hit close by, and the rain and hail was identical to what we saw today. I've uploaded a pic of what we saw today.


  1. OMG Very scary. I am glad you are safe.

  2. Us too! Another round of storms came through about an hour ago, looked like it was heading right for us but luckily fizzled out!

  3. Great pictures! A lot of boomers going off last evening ... not sure of any big damage yet ... hopefully not!

  4. Leavenworth County (my county) was hit by the cloud in that picture, it crossed I-70 about 200th Street (really 198th) and destroyed a couple of homes and barns and vehicles. Luckily, we got off of I-70 when we did or I'm sure we would have seen the tornado!


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