Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Special Child

My Special Child

As I look at your face, my special child
I see a gift from God, so meek and so mild.
Your accomplishments may seem few and far between
But happier parents you have never seen.

With every move you make, my heart swells with pride.
My smile beams brightly from side to side.
You'll never know what it feels like to not be loved.
You are truly a gift sent from Heaven above.

As I look at you now I fully understand
That I won't be alone, God is holding my hand.
Life has a funny way of turning things around.
If we let Him take over, His love will abound.

I never knew true faith until you were born.
A special crown I have been given to adorn.
Only a few chosen parents will be able to say
"A special child has been sent to show me the way."

I'm so proud of you wherever we go.
I'll never be afraid to let my love show.
I thank God for you every day that goes by,
I'll never ask, "Why me, God, why?"

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